Fallacy of Intelligent Design and Creationism

by Z 19. February 2013

Intelligent Design proposes the Universe is too complex and has too many interrelated dependencies to have occurred by happenstance. Therefore an intelligent god must have created our universe.

The fallacy of this argument is theology defines a god as exiting in a greater but scientifically undefined spiritual world or universe. Theology describes aspects of a spiritual universe like heaven and hell and spiritual entities such as a god, son of god, holy spirit, devil, angles and demons. The problem for Intelligent Design is the spiritual universe must have its own set of scientific/spiritual laws for it to work. They are trying to explain one universe’s complexity by imagining a second universe with its own set of complexities. Intelligent Design is self-defeating, circular reasoning. 


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barbacoa United States
2/22/2013 2:23:21 PM #

Plus, though the universe is complex, it is built from a limited number of parts assembled in different permutations.


JimmyJoeBobSouthernbubbayeehaaw4x4truck United States
2/26/2013 11:00:12 AM #

Apparently, you get no replies on your cool-aid drinking waste of oxygen comments. I think you smoke less pot and see the truth before posting one brain celled working comments for the world to see.


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